Chicago: A Home for Musicians

From a small club music blues with Dim lights to the legendary pillars of jazz, Chicago is the home for some passionate musicians. It is a place for music with roots in jazz but whatever the style of music you like (rock, salsa and hip hop), you will find them playing live every single day of the week in Chicago. 


The following list shows the different forms of Music for its lovers in Chicago:


1. Blues:

The Blues based on guitar and harmonica moved from the Mississippi Delta region and officially came to Chicago in 1944. Here you can enjoy the moving sounds of the legendary local in Chicago as Buddy Guy and Kingston Mines.


House of Blues 

2. Jazz:

The great Jazz artists brought the riffs with fast-paced and string bass sound when they danced "live" in Chicago in the decades of 1950 and 1960. These renowned artists created such a force in the Music sector that the city presented the Chicago Jazz Festival as one of the world's largest free jazz concerts. 


Jazz Club 

3. Classic:

You can enjoy a memorable night at the home of the astonishing Chicago Symphony Orchestra or the famous Lyric Opera in the Civic Opera House. On certain nights of summer, you can immerse into the squashy sounds of the singing group of the Grant Park Orchestra, which is the only free outdoor series of classical music in the country.


Chicago Symphony Orchestra 

You can sit, stand and dance at various places along with varied sounds. You can see some of the great events in the well-known Chicago Theater or House of Blues that is fashionable and catch the artists on the edge of fame in The Metro, located in Wrigleyville.


One can also listen the pop music at Double Door in Wicker Park where another bands twist the rhythm with the base and feel the intimacy of Schubas Tavern with a music auditorium at the tavern. You can also visit the historic theater of Uptown to see live performance of popular bands.