A Tour of Jazz Clubs in Chicago

When the African people migrated from the South to Midwestern United States in 20th Decade, the city of Chicago became the new capital of Jazz. This stage is reminiscent of musicians such as Earl Hines, Johnny Dodds, Louis Armstrong and King Oliver that they began to record in the new home of jazz and did know this sound in the rest of the world.


Thanks to the contribution of a jazz community that welcomed them and amazed that art of African roots. Today, jazz lives in dozens of bars and clubs that combined those legendary sounds of modernist mergers with other. The lists of clubs that transmit this sound are extensive as in Chicago blues clubs.


Here are some of the best clubs offered by Chicago for this traditional African American music:


1. The Green Mill:

Green Mill is simply one of the most famous jazz clubs of Chicago. You can hear interpreters legendary Von Freeman, Franz Jackson and Wilbur Campbell along with Kurt Elling, Eric Alexander and Orbert Davis offering sounds of Dixieland, traditional jazz, bebop, progressive and contemporary rhythms.


At Green Mill, you can also listen to music of Al Capone, the most famous Mafia legendary of United States in the 1930s.


Green Mill


2. Andy's Jazz Club:

It is one of the most renowned jazz havens in Chicago and is located few steps away from Michigan Avenue. There are traditional rhythms, bebop jazz and blues with appearances at lunch, in the afternoon hours and at night.


Andy Jazz Club


3. Underground Wonder Bar:

It was opened in 1989 and offers a variety of musical styles throughout the week. It remains open 365 days a year. It emphasize on live rock, folk and jazz. Every night at this bar is unique. It attracts people of all age, race, background and profession. If you want to come here by a car, you can visit site to check the availability of cars so that you can reach here on time to enjoy the musical styles at this bar.


Underground Wonder bar


4. Viper Alley:

It is located in Lincolnshire and in one of the northern suburbs of Chicago. It is an unusual area for jazz music. The site is a product of the creator of the Wit, one of the hotels in downtown Chicago which is known for its night life. The place has a restaurant and the held lots of private events.


Viper Alley


5. Drake Hotel:

The Drake Hotel is a symbol of Chicago by its spectacular location. It is situated at the corner of Avenue Lake Shore Drive, on the shores of Lake Michigan and steps away from the magnificent mile, the main commercial area of the city. Here, you can hear jazz music in Coq d'Or, an area of the hotel featuring vocalists on Saturdays and Sundays.


Drake Hotel


Hope you will find the most famous jazz heavens here very pleasing. You can come here along with your friends, family and relatives to hear live musical events performed by the famed jazz musicians.