Jazz Institute of Chicago

Chicago is a city connected with the Jazz from many years. The Jazz Institute of Chicago is dedicated in sustaining all forms of jazz since 1969. The Institute is located at Michigan Avenue, in the heart of downtown Chicago. This institution has connected jazz musicians to the public. This is one of the main reason that keep jazz alive and active in Chicago.



The first Jazz Festival in Chicago was held in 1979 which over the years became a trademark for the city with hundreds of concerts and programs dedicated to the jazz in different parts of the city.



In 1980, the activities of the Institute expanded to carry a program of jazz in public schools. The expansion continued till the Institute established an agreement with Chicago Park District to be able to move the jazz in public parks.


In 1999, the American Composers Forum joined the Institute in creating musical compositions with community residents. The Community composer’s project began in the Bronzeville neighborhood, the home of legendary Louis Armstrong. Later, the project was moved towards the neighborhood of Humboldt Park, Chicago Puerto Rican area, a sector dominated by Afro-Caribbean sounds.


In 2001, the Institute worked with the local communities of Asian origin and in the following year,  the community of Polish origin also joined the project. Music teachers continued to teach jazz in secondary public schools of Chicago and a high school Jazz Band competition is held in the city every year.



In August 2012, Chicago Trolley Company submitted the 29th annual Tour of Jazz clubs, an event that allowed that jazz lovers to know all the options available within that genre in Chicago. The tour started from the Center and toured the clubs or centers of jazz.


The Jazz Club Tour participants can buy a promotional ticket giving access to the clubs involved in the promotion along with trolley transportation between these clubs. The Tickets cost $25 if purchased in advance and $35 at the door. The members of the Institute can purchase tickets at reduced rates of $20 in advance and $30 at the door. The participating clubs can buy tickets in advance.


Free concerts organized since 1997 by the Chicago District Park met 15 years in 2012 and began with several shows at the start of this season. In February, for example, presented a fusion of jazz with Brazilian music, the Big Band Brazil which brought the renowned interpreter Paulinho García, leader of a band that explores in his country Bossa Nova and combines this typical Brazilian sound with jazz roots.


In addition to the activities of the local Institute and jazz clubs, one must not forget other options such as Chicago Cultural Center.